Who are the CHANGE Champions?

CHANGE Champions are experienced CHANGE Agents who participated in the predecessor CHANGE project. Eight of them will receive a special Leadership training from FSAN and Plan, two of the project partners that already participated in the first round of CHANGE.

What do they do?

The CHANGE Champions will be acting as mentors for the new generation of CHANGE Agents as well as doing advocacy work at local, national and European level. They will share their own experiences of working with communities on FGM with the new CHANGE Agents and support them in planning their own Behaviour Change Activities. In addition to this mentoring role, they will contribute to raise awareness on FGM at the institutional level in their countries of residence, but also within the European Union.

How are they prepared to do this?

To be able to meet these challenges, the CHANGE Champions will pass a special Leadership training. This training will build on their experiences as CHANGE Agents, but will mainly focus on skills in fields like moderation, participatory methods, conflict management, advocacy and media relations. At the end of the training, the CHANGE Champions will be ready to participate in advocacy activities and to make the most of their encounters with decision-makers. Besides, the End FGM European Network based in Brussels will support their interventions at EU-level with their expertise.