Archive Change: Behaviour Change Activities

At least 144 behaviour change activities will be organised by the Change Agents. Each Change Agent will organise at least three activities. The activities, which can be sessions, meetings or events in any form within the communities, are based on the strategies of behaviour change that the Change Agents have developed during the pilot training programme.

Depending on traditional communication strategies in different practising communities the Change Agents will invite people of their community for example to an event with African food, with musicians singing about FGM, inviting speakers or showing movies about FGM. The aim is to initiate behaviour change towards eradicating FGM within the communities.

Involving Men in the Fight to End FGM: An Ice Breaker Activity

Solomon Zewolde, CHANGE Agent Forward, UK. Foto: © FORWARDSolomon Zewolde, CHANGE Agent Forward, UK. Foto: © FORWARDby Solomon Zewolde, CHANGE Agent at FORWARD

I initiated and led a talk about traditional practices in Ethiopia, asking my participants to share their ideas on various aspects of the topic. Questions for brainstorming were

  • What harmful traditional practices do you know in Ethiopia?
  • Tell me why you think they are being practiced?
  • What explanations can you imagine people might give for these harmful traditional practices?

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Engaging Somali mothers: A Behaviour CHANGE Activity

Ashwaaq Abdirahman, CHANGE Agent FSAN, Netherlands. Foto: © FORWARD Ashwaaq Abdirahman, CHANGE Agent FSAN, Netherlands. Foto: © FORWARD by Ashwaq Abdirahman, CHANGE Agent at FSAN

I organised a lunch with four Somali mothers. In the invitation, I deliberately told them that I want to discuss FGM in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings and to create a good atmosphere. At the beginning, I briefly informed them about the project, told them how I came into contact with it and explained the purpose of this conversation.

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