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Aladin HamadAladin Hamad,comes from Sudan and moved to the Netherlands 14 years ago. He got his post-doctoral degree in public law at the Khartoum University in Sudan and worked at the law firm Ghazi Suleimann in Khartoum in 1998. He is now employed at the Royal Library in The Hague. Besides his work he is volunteering since 2000 for protecting women and children’s rights at the Soedani Association in Amsterdam.

Due to his experiences in his home country and his family, Aladin feels responsible to do something against the female circumcision. In the past Aladin was already able to attend trainings and became a key-professional, which makes him a person with much knowledge and abilities concerning FGM. He sees his role as a CHANGE Champion as a way to help women and girls at risk and wants to inform about the issues of FGM in his own and other communities.