Berlin CHANGE Agents meet for the 8th exchange meeting of the CHANGE Plus project

Foto: © TERRE DES FEMMESFoto: © TERRE DES FEMMESOn 20th of July 2017 the CHANGE Agents of the CHANGE Plus project met for their 8th exchange meeting. The CHANGE Agents, who were trained to become multipliers in the fight against female genital mutilation last year, are now engaged to sensitize and inform in the African communities.

This Thursday afternoon the team CHANGE met to reflect about the last activities and talk about their work.

In the meantime most of the CHANGE Agents already conducted so called behaviour change activities and gained some experience in how they can talk about the topic FGM in the communities effectively. In most of the communities FGM is still a taboo topic, about it is difficult to talk. The CHANGE Agents want to change the attitude towards FGM with talks and discussions.

Once again we thank the team CHANGE for their engagement and efforts in the fight against FGM!

July 2017